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Clancys Chips - Hair..!! 2 of 2 people found it helpful
I usually purchase 1 bag of snacks each week. The last couple of weeks it has been the WAVY chips. And for the past couple of weeks, they are way too salty (especially my current bag) with a sell by of 12-22-16. Maybe you could cut back, just a little on the salt? Your tongue should not hurt after you have been snacking on chips! I didn't want to complain but then I thought maybe there was something wrong with the salting section of your...
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Clancys Chips Original Potato Chips Review from Lawrenceville, Georgia
Clancys Chips Original Potato Chips Review from Lawrenceville, Georgia
Just ate my first bag of clancy's original potato chips and one chip was burnt. Like it's black burnt. How am I suppose to keep enjoying my snack if there's a burnt piece. That ruins the whole experience. Do better, at this rate I won't ever eat another bag of your chips. I will stick to lays at least I've never seen a burnt chip from them. Have a good day. ...... You're welcome!! .
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Clancys Chips - Black stuff on Chip?
My mother bought a variety bag of Clancy's potato chips when she went grocery shopping at Aldi's a few days ago. Today I wanted some chips to go with my lunch and opened up one of the 1 oz bags of the Original Potato Chips and to my surprise, a chip on the top had a large black spot in the center. I don't know what it is, whether it is due to grease or mold, but it completely ruined my appetite. Suggestions as to what it is would be appreciated...
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Clancys Chips - Hair..!!
I Always purchase Clancy's Original chips, half way down the bag I found HAIR!! and it isn't my hair in the bag this hair I found is short and I have long hair, This is disgusting!! Are they not using hair caps or nets to cover up their hair so this doesn't happen? Now I feel sick to my stomach from finding this, my daughter's and I will never buy Clancy's chips again, who do I contact to file a complaint? Thank you
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  • Hair in bag